With the housing market in East London on the road to recovery, buying houses and apartments in east London is proving again in vogue.
More buyers and real estate investors are looking to invest in real estate in East London, where in just two years of the 2012 Olympic Games will be launched.

The transformation of London is well and truly underway. In addition to progress in the sports and games facilities, developers are building several new houses and apartments in east London. Meanwhile, several improvements in transport infrastructure are making good progress.

Make no mistake, the Hackney London property market is currently one of the hotspots in the UK property above.

However, the supply of properties in London Hackney, is still below the increasing demand due to the fact that more people are looking for houses and apartments in London to buy.

With most developers in London This report high sales volume term, often before it has even broken ground on new home construction, home builders are competing for more land on which to build more properties of this London, mostly apartments.

The lack of East London properties – both houses and apartments – along with rising property prices is a cause for concern for many people, because they are priced out of East London property market.

Two thirds of parents with children living at home believe that their children can not afford to live locally when they leave home because of the scarcity and high prices of residential property, according to a new report from the Chartered Institute Housing.

Stewart Baseley of the Home Builders Federation, said: “The housing is of vital importance to the economy already have a housing shortage [country] is about a million and being built less than any time since 1923.

The recent announcement of emergency budget by the coalition government is unlikely to greatly increase the supply of properties in East London – no houses or apartments – after the chancellor George Osborne unveiled the biggest package of increases taxes and spending cuts in a generation.
The National Housing Federation (NHF) estimates that the housing budget could be reduced by up to 32 percent in four years.

The sector of new housing plays an important role in the housing market in East London today, ensuring that more people meet and are able to set foot on the housing ladder.

But the well-documented shortage of properties in London Hackney is increasing house prices in the region, which are now reaching the peak of 2007. This means that houses and apartments in London are also more astute real estate investments.

But in addition to the purchase of houses and apartments in London’s new home at the right time, people need to buy in the correct location of the developers with a good track record.